High Security Private Cloud

If you have digital data stored either on your private computer or on a third-party cloud, you may want to take a closer look at the following text.

There is a good reason why you’re reading this; the safety and security of your digital data is at stake. What if I were to tell you that how and particularly where you are storing your precious digital information is not as safe as you think?

Natural disasters, cyberterrorism, fires, and very importantly EMP’s (electromagnetic pulses) are real threats and must be factored in when securing digital data.

This is why we offer one of the most secure locations in the world. In the heart of Switzerland deep underground is a bunker ready for anything. We have servers on which you can now store your digital data safer than anywhere else in the world. (Your private Cloud so to speak!)

Your digital data will be secured at a place not even a nuclear blast can touch. Think about it – not even a nuclear blast can touch your data – something no other provider can claim.

Anything from personal information, business data, and exclusive or private documents, securely stored in your Modern-Day Digital Data Fortress.

We offer the following options:

1. For Private Persons
2. For small businesses
3. For larger corporation

For more detailed Information contact:

Erich Breitenmoser
Email:         dreb@generalmail.com
Telefon:     +41 79 931 40 01
Website:    www.SwissMountainFortress.com